These General Conditions of Sale have as their object the purchase of products made a distance via telematic network on the site https://shop.rivamare1952.com, belonging to Riva Mare Srl - Calata G.B. Cuneo 63 - 18100 Imperia (IM) VAT / tax code 00902280080. Each operation purchases will be governed by the provisions of Legislative Decree 206/2005 and, as regards the protection of confidentiality, will be subject to the legislation referred to in Legislative Decree 196/03. RIVA MARE Srl markets the products on the Site and does not produce them. The indications of the materials and the composition of the fabrics are those indicated by the manufacturer. RIVA MARE Srl is not responsible for any information incorrectly provided by the manufacturing company.


The Customer, by electronically sending the confirmation of his purchase order, accepts unconditionally and undertakes to observe in its dealings with https://shop.rivamare1952.com, the general and payment conditions transcribed below,

declaring to have read and accepted all the information provided to him, according to rules mentioned above, also taking note that https://shop.rivamare1952.com itself does not and is not considered bound to different conditions if not previously agreed in writing. https://shop.rivamare1952.com considers the contract definitively concluded at the moment acceptance of the order.


These Conditions of Sale must be examined online by the customers of the site https://shop.rivamare1952.com before confirming the purchase. The forwarding of the confirmation of the order implies full knowledge of the Conditions of Sale and their total acceptance. The Customer undertakes and obliges, once the online purchase procedure has been completed, to print and keep these Conditions of Sale, already viewed and accepted during the purchase process carried out, according to Legislative Decree 206/2005.


https://shop.rivamare1952.com is a telematic site for the sale of nautical products (by way of example and not exhaustive: nautical accessories and equipment, cleaning products, for the painting, lubricants, technical clothing, ropes, and ropes also in steel, etc.). Purchases of the products, available as they are illustrated and described online in the relative data sheets detailed, are carried out by the Customer at the indicated price, plus any costs of transportation, as specified below. The Products are depicted and made visible on the Site in such a way that is accurate and corresponding to the characteristics possessed.

https://shop.rivamare1952.com, in any case, is not able to guarantee the exact correspondence to reality concerning the images and colors as they appear on the Client's monitor if the discrepancy depends on the latter. Before confirming the order, the Customer will be summarized the unit cost of each product chosen, the total cost in the event of the purchase of multiple products, expenses of transport, and the possible cancellation of the VAT tax, in case of sales to non-European countries. By confirming the order, upon completion of the contract, the Customer will receive an e-mail message, containing the Order Number and Date.

ATTENTION: In the event that the Customer is an Italian or foreign company and requires an invoice, they must communicate their data to us and place an order by email at rivamare@rivamare1952.com, as the cart is not able to calculate any VAT reversals and is ONLY programmed for sale to private individuals.


The prices of the items indicated on the Site include VAT are valid for all orders thatcome from Italy and countries of the European Community. For sales made tocountries outside the European Community, the price will be reversed from VAT (22%). The prices may be subject to change for any promotions. The prices for the contract agreed upon are the ones visible at the time the order is sent.


The order is intended to be completed by "point and click" (pressing the confirmation button and/or accept). If the order is correctly completed, the Customer will receive the confirmation email containing the order number. Otherwise, it is necessary to repeat the purchasing procedure. With the Order Confirmation, https://shop.rivamare1952.com undertakes to provide the Customer the Products, under the terms and conditions set out in these Conditions of Sale.

When the order has been concluded and paid by the Customer, the purchased goods enter immediately in the processing phase, which involves the issuance of the receipt or invoice, courier packing, and booking. The order cannot, therefore, be canceled even if canceled the package e delivered to the Customer's address. The Customer, if changes their mind, and receives the package, can return the ordered goods, They are subject to authorization to return (please see paragraphs 11 and 12).

Tips for shopping:

  • • Check that you have entered your data correctly: it is important that the address indicated is easily traceable by the Courier.
  • • The Courier GLS (General Logistics Systems Italy SpA) delivers in Italy from Monday to Friday until approximately 9:00 to 19:00. In case the customer has time slots of delivery preference, please let us know by note at the time of the order. The courier will do everything possible to deliver at the times indicated, but it is not mandatory.
  • • The Courier does not deliver by appointment and does not call before delivering
  • To see if at home.
  • • In case of absence of the Customer, the Courier will attempt a new delivery, leaving both times notice of the passage.
  • • If you think you will not be able to be present for the delivery, we recommend the address of the place of work, relatives, or friends.
  • • Fixed deposit is possible, but please contact us for more information before place the order.
  • • Any deliveries to a floor are to be reported to https://shop.rivamare1952.co when ordering, it is an additional service and has an additional cost.
  • • Check that you have correctly entered your telephone number and your email: if there are problems with the fulfillment or delivery of the order, it is important that one can be traced in order to agree on any changes.
  • • In the days following the order, check your e-mail: we may have sent you some communications concerning the order fulfillment.
  • Upon delivery of the goods, the Customer is required to check that the packaging is correct intact and not altered even in the closing strips. In case of tampering and/or breakages, the Customer must immediately contest the shipment and/or delivery by adding the words "Reserve control of goods "on the delivery document received by the Courier. The Customer subsequently must immediately report any damage by e-mail to our address: rivamare@rivamare1952.com.
  • For more information and clarifications on shipments, please click here: https://shop.rivamare1952.com/content/1-spedizioni


The payment of the purchased products and the relative shipping costs must be made by the Customer upon forwarding the order confirmation, by advance bank transfer or the use of one of the credit cards available and indicated online.

Payments accepted:

  • Visa - Master Card credit card
  • Pay Pal
  • Advance bank transfer (Iban indicated online)



  • Shipments are made through GLS (General Logistics Systems Italy SpA) in all of Italy, including major islands, minor islands, the Vatican, and the Republic of San Marino, with a cost starting from 5.99 euros. Shipping costs vary according to weight, volume, and delivery area, then will be automatically calculated in the cart, when the delivery address is entered. The courier provided and the tracking number will be communicated by email, at the time of shipment of the package. In the case of orders from 99 euros upwards, shipping to Italy (excluding minor islands, Venice and Laguna, Tax Free Zones) will be offered by https://shop.rivamare1952.com, therefore free of charge.
  • For deliveries to Tax Free Zones (Livigno, Campione d'Italia, etc.) please contact us via mail to rivamare@rivamare1952.com for additional shipping costs inquiries.
  • If the shipped goods are not collected, the Customer will be required to reimburse a https://shop.rivamare1952.com, the cost incurred within 7 working days of the request for unsuccessful shipping and related storage costs.
  • Goods travel at customer's risk and danger. Shipping costs do not include insurance costs. If the Client desires Risk-free insurance coverage, you can contact us by e-mail for information and rates.
  • In the case of packages that come into storage due to the wrong address provided by the customer or missing data, which preclude the driver from being able to deliver (lack of name on the intercom, lack of the house number on the building, etc.) and that are not reported and specified in the notes at the time of the order, the customer is required to pay https://shop.rivamare1952.com the storage/redelivery costs that the Courier charges.
  • ATTENTION: The Courier, in case of absence of the Customer twice and after two notices, will automatically put the package in storage, charging https://shop.rivamare1952.com the additional cost of 6 euros + VAT (from 1 to 10 days of storage), waiting to agree on a new delivery (with an additional cost of 8 euro + VAT). Therefore, if the customer is absent twice at the address provided, he will be held responsible to pay the costs of storage and return (14 euros + VAT). If customer refuses to pay these costs, the package will be returned by the Courier to https://shop.rivamare1952.com, which then will refund the customer for the goods contained, but withholding all costs related to shipping, storage and return.


  • The cost of transport, carried out via GLS international, varies according to the weight, volume, and country of destination: Before confirming the order, the Shipping fees will be provided.
  • For shipments to some foreign regions there may be a surcharge on the part of the Courier which cannot be determined in advance, we will inform you before shipping if integration to the order total is necessary.
  • Any customs duties are charged to the customer.
  • The cost of shipping costs varies for each country and is displayed at the moment of the order. Shipments to European countries are calculated based on weight, package volume, and destination.
  • To know the costs of shipments to non-European countries, please ask us by email at rivamare@rivamare1952.com.
  • Any customs duties are charged to the customer.
  • To know the delivery times of the GLS courier, please send an e-mail to rivamare@rivamare1952.com, specifying the country of destination.


Orders are processed (by fulfillment we mean the delivery of the goods to the Freight Forwarder) after checking by https://shop.rivamare1952.com on the accuracy of the Personal Data e the contact details provided by the Customer.

For information on the timing of shipments, please click here: https://shop.rivamare1952.com/en/content/1-shipments in case of payment by bank transfer bank advance, the estimated delivery times will start from the time the payment id crediting to our dedicated bank account. We do not make multiple shipments: in case of order of more products, of which one or more of them is not currently available in stock, the order will be processed in a single solution, at the time of total availability of the items ordered.

If the customer wishes to receive the available goods immediately and postpone the delivery of the products not available at a later time, will have to opt for a double order. Just in case activate the "Free transport" promotion, orders will be entitled only if they reach individually the minimum amount established. The products presented on the WebSite are all meant to be ready for delivery.

However, the Customer acknowledges the remote possibility that, upon placing the order, some products may be unavailable at that time. If so, before sending the order confirmation, https://shop.rivamare1952.com will notify the Customer by email.


Shipments are made through GLS (General Logistics Systems Italy SpA) for Italy and and all European and Extra-European countries.

Destination Italy: the Courier delivers in 1/4 working days, to know the precise delivery time please send an e-mail to: rivamare@rivamare1952.com, specifying the region and city of destination. Delivery times for disadvantaged locations and Tax Free Zones may be longer (please send us an e-mail to rivamare@rivamare1952.com to get more information).

The delivery time must be calculated from the moment in which https://shop.rivamare1952.com delivers the goods to the courier and the customer receives the email that the order is completed and shipped.  On Sundays and public holidays the courier does not make collections or deliveries and the ordered goods do not travel.

Foreign Destination: Shipments abroad will take place via GLS (General Logistics Systems Italy SpA). To know the delivery times of the GLS (General Logistics Systems Italy SpA) please send an e-mail to: rivamare@rivamare1952.com, specifying the country of destination.


The Customer may request the replacement of the ordered product with another product of the same amount or higher (in this case, by supplementing the price) by sending no later than 7 working days the receipt of the goods, and an e-mail with the indication of the goods you want replaced. The costs related to shipments made for the replacement or return of goods are always charged to the customer, to find out the rates applied by the courier, please contact us by mail.

The instructions for making the return will be sent by email, which will also indicate the return authorization code. The return must arrive at our office no later than 10 days from sending the receipt of the order. Returned products must not have been used, damaged, deprived of trademarks, labels and tags. They must also be returned together with the original boxes and packaging (the affixing of labels or adhesive tapes should be avoided in all cases directly on the original product packaging), under penalty of non-acceptance of the return. The Return of socks is accepted only if the packages have not been opened, the socks must not have been taken out of the packaging or tried on. PACKAGES WILL NOT BE COLLECTED WITHOUT THEAUTHORIZATION CODE.

In the event that the Customer has made the payment with PayPal and decides to return the goods purchased, the shipping costs for the return are paid by PayPal! For information and activation of these free service, here is the link: https://www.paypal.com/it/webapps/mpp/refunded-returns. Free shipping: In the event that the customer decides to return the purchased goods, making use of the right of withdrawal, the amount relating to the goods will be refunded, but will be canceled of the transport costs that https://shop.rivamare1952.com incurred for the shipment.

The cost of returning the goods to our headquarters is always charged to the customer: in the event that the customer chooses to use our courier, will be informed by email of all costs shipping and how to collect the return and the cost will be charged on the value of the refund (in addition to that of the shipment paid by us); in case the customer does not wish to use our courier, the customer will have to send the goods to our office at his own expense. In case the customer wishes to change size, color or want to replace one item with another, the first shipment carried out remains free, but the costs for returning the goods to be exchanged is aways the responsibility of the customer.


Pursuant to and within the limits of Legislative Decree 206/2005, the Customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase, if not satisfied, by sending a letter no later than 14 days from receiving the goods,  registered letter with return receipt, or an email, subsequently confirmed, registered within the following 48 hours, at our office: Riva Mare Srl, Calata G.B. Cuneo 63 - 18100 Imperia (IM) the return methods and times are the same as indicated in previous point.

The D.L. also provides an essential condition for exercising the right of withdrawal it being  that the goods are returned intact, with original packaging, accompanied by the receipt tax or invoice, attached to the shipment, and that the cost of shipping are charged to the Customer. Pursuant to Legislative Decree 206/2005 it is specified that the right of withdrawal is exclusively reserved for customers who can be defined as "consumers", that is, to natural persons who they purchase the products for their own use and act for purposes not related to their professional activity, possibly carried out, with the exclusion of traders and resellers.

The right of withdrawal is totally lost, due to the lack of the essential condition of integrity of the good (packaging and / or its contents), in cases where https://shop.rivamare1952.com ascertains: the lack of external packaging and / or original internal packaging; the absence of elements components of the product or anomalies in the product itself; damage to the product due to causes other than its transport. In case of forfeiture of the right of withdrawal, https://shop.rivamare1952.com will return the purchased good to the sender, charging the shipping costs to the same; to find out the rates applied by the Courier, please contact us by mail.



If the customer, for any reason, wishes to return the goods, he will be entitled to a refund of the price paid for the purchased product, under the terms and conditions of the Right of Withdrawal.

The shipping costs and any customs duties, which do not, remain the responsibility of the Customer will be refunded. The refund will be made on the 15th day or the end of the following month upon receipt of the returned goods, in the following ways:

  • if the payment was made by bank transfer, the refund will be made by Bank transfer to the coordinates indicated by the customer, net of commissions banking.
  • If payment was made via PayPal or credit card, one will be required cancellation on the transaction charged to the Customer, net of the cost of the operation.


For anything not expressly provided for and regulated in these conditions of sale, the Italian law in force on the matter is applied.


The products purchased on the site https://shop.rivamare1952.com are subject to the pursuant Legislative Decree 206/2005 on consumer protection and, although not therein contemplated, with the specific provisions envisaged on the matter by the Civil Code. The warranty covers manufacturing defects and non-conformity of the product. With the exception of the replacement of defective and non-compliant products https://shop.rivamare1952.com does not assume responsibility for direct and indirect damages that may arise from use, too improper, of the product by the recipient.

https://shop.rivamare1952.com guarantees that the photos have been taken of the products to come, therefore confirming the delivered products are the same as those present on the WebSite Warranty is personal and will therefore apply only to the original purchaser, and so reserved for direct customers and not to traders, resellers, etc.

Any defect in the products must be reported in writing by the Customer within the deadline of law at the time of returning the defective product, which must be returned previously agreed with https://shop.rivamare1952.com.

https://shop.rivamare1952.com reserves the right to verify the actual defect stated by Customer and to make the replacement only after this check.

The request will be processed only if the following documents are present in the returned package: purchase invoice, order number and date, detailed description of the defect found. The costs of returning the goods to the sender remain the responsibility of the customer. In the case of payment with PayPal, the customer will be reimbursed for the return costs by registering for free at service: https://www.paypal.com/it/webapps/mpp/refunded-returns.

For any clarification and any complaint https://shop.rivamare1952.com may becontacted by e-mail at the address: rivamare@rivamare1952.com


Information for those interested in purchasing the products of https://shop.rivamare1952.com. RIVA MARE Srl, as "Owner" of the treatment, guarantees the maximum confidentiality of the personal data of the Customer and full compliance with the obligations established by Legislative Decree 196/03. According to Legislative Decree 196/03, "code regarding the protection of personal data", we inform you that the data of the Customer will also be processed with computerized systems and with the aid of third parties connected to the company organization, exclusively related for purposes execution of the contract.

For purposes related to the execution of the contract we mean, in particular, all functions connected and instrumental to the execution of the purchase order, such as system management IT, payment control, shipment management and complaint management. RIVA MARE Srl as the data controller of the Customer's personal data, also communicates, that a broader information on the processing of data, the list of rights recognized to Customer pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree. 196/03 and the list of subjects appointed by RIVA MARE Srl, data processors, are available upon written request. With reference to the data provided, the customer may exercise the rights referred to in art. 13 Legislative Decree. 196/03 (access, correction, integration, cancellation, opposition, etc.) by contacting the "Owner" or to "Managers" of the treatment.

By completing the "digital order form", the customer declares to have read this information and expresses its consent to the communication of personal data and to the processing of the same, for the purposes and by the subjects indicated in the information itself, aware that in the absence of consent and in case of ascertained mendacity of the information communicated the order cannot be executed.


  • The conversion tables of sizes and measures are only indicative.
  • The measurements and dimensions shown in the description of some products may be approximate.
  • The promotions and discounts on the Site are valid ONLY for online purchases.
  • Any offers, gratuities or discounts on products or shipments, advertised by e-mail, newsletters and news on the home page of the site will ONLY be active for the period of time indicated and under the conditions described therein.
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