Shipping methods and times in Italy

Shipments are made through GLS (General Logistics Systems Italy SpA) throughout Italy, including major islands, minor islands, the Vatican, and the Republic of San Marino, with a cost starting at € 7.00 (seven / 00) including VAT.

Shipping costs vary according to the weight, volume, and delivery area, all of which will be automatically calculated in the cart, when your address of delivery will be inserted.

The courier and the tracking number will be communicated via email, at the time of shipment of the package. For deliveries to Tax Free Zones (Livigno, Campione d'Italia, etc.), please contact us by email at for additional shipping costs.

In the case of orders up to € 500.00 - five hundred / 00 excluding VAT - upwards, shipping to Italy (excluding minor islands, Venice and Lagoon, Tax Free Zones) will be offered by RIVA MARE Srl, and therefore free.

GLS (General Logistics Systems Italy SpA) makes deliveries from Monday to Friday (in rare cases on Saturdays) and delivers within 1-4 working days. Delivery times for smaller islands and Tax Free Zones can be longer. The delivery time must be calculated from the moment at which RIVA MARE Srl delivers the goods to the Courier and the customer receives the email that the order is completed and shipped.

Below is the detail of the delivery times:

Calabria - Sicily - Sardinia: 48 - 60 hours

Venice and the Minor Islands: 72 - 96 hours Rest of Italy: 24 - 48 hours

EXPRESS 12 deliveries (excluding Calabria, Sicily, Sardinia, Venice, and the Minor Islands) with surcharge on the normal rate of € 10.00 (ten / 00 including VAT) for every 25 kg.

ATTENTION: on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays the courier does not make collections or deliveries.

Shipping methods and times in Europe and non-European countries

Shipments are made through GLS (General Logistics Systems Italy SpA) International. The courier and the tracking number will be communicated via email, at the time the package is shipped.

The cost of shipping to different European countries is calculated based on the cart, weight, volume, and delivery address. To know the costs of the shipments to non-European countries, please send us an email:

Any customs duties for shipments outside Europe are charged to the customer. To know the delivery times of GLS (General Logistics Systems Italy SpA), please send an e-mail to:, specifying the country of destination.

Useful tips and information before placing an order

1. Check that you have correctly entered the data of the shipment (street, square, alley etc. and house number).

2. Specify in the notes if a surname other than yours appears on the doorbell.

3. Specify in the notes if the delivery must be made in the workplace, by inserting the company or office name, with any opening hours.

4. The courier delivers from Monday to Friday approximately from 9:00 to 19:00. In case the customer has preferred time slots for delivery (morning or afternoon), please let us know on the notes when placing your order. The courier will do his best to deliver at the times indicated. We cannot make appointments for delivery not even with an additional cost.

5. If you know that you are not at home or will be there for a short amount of time, we advise you to put your place of work, the home of your parents, a relative, or the address of a friend, a trusted store near the house, or choose the closest deposit stop close to your house, where you can go to collect the package.

6. The Courier must deliver to a person and cannot leave packages unattended in the door, in front of the gate of the house, etc. not even at the specific request of the customer.

7. In case of the absence of the customer, the courier will attempt a new delivery, leaving both times notice of passage.

8. The Courier does not deliver by appointment. The telephone number requested when ordering the customer is used by the Courier in case they do not find your address or for communications of extreme urgency and importance. The driver does not call before passing to find out if the recipient is at home or what time they have to pass.

9. In the tracking number that RIVA MARE Srl sends to the Customer upon departure of the goods, the progress of the shipment is indicated: it is possible to know the day of delivery, but not the time. Each driver has hundreds of deliveries and collections per day to make and one predefined ride, prepared by the branch to optimize distances and times.

10. Any deliveries to a floor are to be specified to RIVA MARE Srl at the moment of the order, an additional service involving an additional cost.

11. In case of packages that come into storage due to wrong address provided by the customer or important missing data, which preclude the driver from the possibility of delivery (lack of the name on the intercom/bell, lack of the house number on the building, etc.) and that are not reported and specified in the notes at the time of the order, the customer is required to pay RIVA MARE Srl the storage/redelivery costs that the Courier charges to itself.

ATTENTION!!! VERY IMPORTANT: GLS (General Logistics Systems Italy SpA), in case of the absence of the Customer twice and after two warnings, he will automatically put the package in inventory, charging RIVA MARE Srl the additional cost of 6 euros + VAT (from 1 to 10 days of stock), waiting to agree on a new delivery (with an additional cost of 8 euros + VAT). Therefore, if the customer is absent twice at the address provided, he will be held obligatorily to pay the costs of storage and return (14 euros + VAT). In case the customer refuses to pay these costs, the package will be returned by the Courier to RIVA MARE Srl, which will refund the customer for the goods ordered, but withholding all costs related to shipping, storage and return.

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